Top breakfast cafes in Auckland CBD for the single traveler

On a recent business trip to Auckland, I had the opportunity to stay in Auckland CBD and dine out at various establishments for breakfast.  Scarecrow was my favorite while Albert Park Cafe & Espresso was a close second.

If you’re tired of dining alone and would like to engage in verbal conversation rather than scroll your phone, Scarecrow is the place to go. Scarecrow have large communal tables where you can sit near strangers and have a conversation if you wish to. There are also smaller tables if you prefer your own company. The decor is quite nice and has a country theme to it so you feel like you are at a nice cafe in the countryside.

I also rated Scarecrow highly as they primarily use organic produce and try to source their produce locally within New Zealand.

Most importantly, their food is delicious. I had the Kedgeree with poached eggs, hot smoked salmon, red rice, peppers & peas. It was a very hearty and healthy breakfast which got me through to a late lunch without having to have morning tea. A great way to start a busy day.

Scarecrow kedgeree
Scarecrow kedgeree

Albert Park Cafe and Espresso

Albert Park Cafe and Espresso was also great. The cafe had a quiet ambiance and was just across the road from Albert Park. I was served with efficient and friendly service. The food was also delicious with a very generous size serving which kept me going for most of the day.

I had “The Legend” which was Chipotle spiced baked eggs with Spanish chorizo, roasted tomatoes, mixed beans, lentils, cheese and sour dough toast.

Albert Park Cafe and Espresso -'The Legend'
Albert Park Cafe and Espresso -‘The Legend’

Where is your favorite place to have breakfast in Auckland CBD? Why is it your favorite?

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