Top 3 things TO DO and the top 3 things NOT TO DO for kids at Surfers Paradise

Top 3 things to do for kids

  1. Warner Brother’s movie world. Best for kids 7 and over. The reason why is because most of the rides are really cool rollercoasters but you have to be very tall to go on them. I was only four at the time when I went so I was only tall enough to go on one roller coaster called the ‘Road runner’. It went over rooftops and I was scared at the time but I loved it and I went on it about five times.
  2. Sea World. Kids will love this because it’s got thrilling rides but also dolphin shows and other sea animal shows. Sea World has a water ride called Castaway Bay where you shoot each other with water guns and get very wet. Kids will love Castaway Bay because it’s like a big water fight and you get completely soaked.

    Dolphins jumping at seaworld
    Dolphin show at seaworld
  3. Nice Beaches. The only problem is on most of the beaches the waves are too big to swim in so you have to boogie board (or you could try and surf). But remember to only go out into the ocean with an adult you know and where the life guard can see you. Of course like most beaches you should go in summer otherwise the water’s freezing. The beaches are HUGE and there’s a MASSIVE amount of sand to build sandcastles with. The beaches are so big you basically can do anything. Some things include volleyball, running races and cricket.  Don’t forget to bring your surfboard or your boogie board.

    The beach at Surfer's Paradise from our bedrrom
    The beach at Surfer’s Paradise from our bedroom

Top 3 things to not do for kids

  1. Drawing on Hotel Property.  NEVER EVER DRAW ON HOTEL PROPERTY.  My little brother drew on a couch in a hotel once and my dad was fined hundreds and hundreds of dollars. The same thing nearly happened in Maui but luckily we managed wash it of.
  2. Shopping malls. If your parents love to go shopping here are 3 excuses to avoid going shopping with them:

    • Pretend you’re sick by painting red spots over your face and body so you can pretend to have measles.
    • Say “I’m not going” again and again because after a while they’ll give up and not go shopping again until you get home.
  1. 3. Don’t try and go swimming or surfing in winter. The water is freezing even if you wear a wetsuit.  You will feel very cold and shivery.  If it’s windy the wind might push you off your surfboard into the icy water and you probably would feel like an icicle.

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  1. The post was written by GroovyBoy (6 years of age at the time he wrote this). I added the photos, helped with formatting and added the affiliate links.

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