Some Cafes, Restaurants and Fast Food Places in Auckland that GroovyBoy loves


An Italian restaurant which has delicious Italian starters, delicious Italian mains and last but not least delicious Italian desserts. The delicious starters are things like calamari (squid meat). The delicious mains are things like chicken fettuccini and the delicious desserts are things like gelato (Italian ice-cream). I always have the chicken fettuccini for my main (which is my favorite meal). For starters we just share two dishes of calamari and a dish of chicken liver occasionally since I like the chicken liver but my mum, little brother and dad don’t. A delicious Italian restaurant that anyone would love with delicious Italian starters, mains, and desserts. Also very kid friendly with a kids menu and waiters who are very nice to kids.

Blue Breeze Inn

Nicely decorated and just like Portofino absolutely delicious food. The one dish we all like the best is probably the spicy peanuts with not too much chili. I also liked the delicious pork belly dumplings and the chicken. A great, kid friendly restaurant that I want to go back to. It’s also very lively at night and very exciting. Overall great, lively and I want to go back to it.


Probably every single one of you would have heard of this place. If you haven’t well it’s a big chain of places where they make great burgers around the world. Of course they don’t just make burgers otherwise they probably wouldn’t have become so famous. They make fries, chicken nuggets and even some delicious desserts. One of the desserts is a vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce on top. We don’t usually get the desserts, just a burger and some nuggets and some fries. My favorite burger is the Fillet-O-Fish and my brother’s favorite is the cheeseburger and these are the two we get all the time. Great, delicious burgers that burger lovers would love. So as long as you love burgers eat here or takeaway.


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