Books for 7-12 year old kids to read when traveling

Just tricking

Written by Andy Griffiths with ten hilarious short stories packed inside. My favorite story was the first one called Playing dead.  The reason I love it is because it is hilarious, exciting and confusing which is my favorite kind of book.

It’s also got some other cool stories like Beat the bomb and A TerrIBLE Christmas and a CRappy New Year. Beat the Bomb is where Andy and his best friend Danny paly a prank on this kid called Marvin Bonwick. The prank is that they trick him into thinking that he’s won five hundred dollars from one of Triple B’s games called Beat the Bomb (Triple B is a radio that Andy’s mum listens to).  Marvin and his mum start crying because they are so happy.  Marvin tells Andy who he thinks is a guy at the Triple B radio station that his dad died. Then the real guy from the Triple B radio called Chris Robbins rings Andy and asks him to play Beat the Bomb and Andy wins five hundred and two.

For those who don’t know Beat the Bomb is where there is a timer on a fake bomb going and Chris Robbins keeps saying an amount of money getting higher each time. If you say stop just after Chris Robbins says an amount of money but before the bomb goes of you get to keep the amount he said just before you said stop. At the end of the story Andy decides to give five hundred out of his five hundred and two to Marvin Bonwick and he and Danny could share what was left over of what he won but there was only two dollars left so each of them could only have one dollar.

Treehouse Series

This is a series about the adventures of Andy, Terry and their neighbor Jill also by Andy Griffiths.  My favorite in this series is the 65-Storey Treehouse.  In this book,  Andy, Terry and safety inspector – Inspector Bubblewrap go time traveling back in time and into the future. Here are some summaries and reviews from me of all the Treehouse books:

  • The 13-Storey Treehouse: 

    Andy and Terry need to write and illustrate a book to send to their publisher Mr Big Nose in a day. Then they have a drawing contest which Terry wins since he’s way better at drawing than Andy. Andy reacts by trying to knock Terry with a giant banana but unfortunately for Andy, Terry knocks him out. After a while Andy gets up and Terry turns on the television because his favorite TV show Barky the Barking Dog is on. Terry wanted to watch heaps more TV shows but Andy stopped him and Andy threw the remote out the window nearly killing their postman Bill. Bill had something very exciting for them and that very exciting thing was Terry’s sea monkeys. But once they opened the box they found that there was no sea monkeys inside. There was a mermaid that the people who work at the sea monkey factory accidentally thinking that she was a sea monkey sent her to Terry. Then the mermaid turns into a sea monster which they shrink and flush down the toilet. Soon after the sea monster incident the real sea monkeys come and cause chaos and Andy realizes that the monkeys aren’t sea monkeys but normal monkeys! Andy and Terry catapult the sea monkeys away with a giant banana. Then they quickly finish their book and Jill’s flying cats fly them to Mr Big Nose so they can deliver their book on time.

  • The 26-Storey Treehouse

    Andy, Terry and Jill will have to face their worst enemy and their biggest fear: Captain Woodenhead and his gang of evil pirates. They let the pirates into the treehouse and one by one all the pirates got killed except for Captain Woodenhead. But then this deadly fish Came spearing him in the back and bit him to death. Finally Andy and Terry wrote their awesome book and sent it to Mr Big Nose who is their publisher.

  • The 39-Storey Treehouse:

    They tried to convince Professor Stupido who is a famous un-inventor to un-invent the Once Upon A Time machine. Soon after that Professor Stupido got carried away and un-invented everything in the universe except himself, Andy and Terry. After a little while Andy and Terry came up with a plan to make Professor Stupido un-invent himself and he did.

  • The 52-Storey Treehouse:

    Mr Big Nose and Jill go missing and when Andy and Terry try to look for them they find themselves locked in a cage with Jill and Mr big Nose guarded by deadly vegetables. Then Vegetable Patty comes and slices, smashes and saves them from the deadly vegetables. After they get back home Andy and Terry celebrate their birthday. Then Jill gives them a book that her animals wrote and they send it to Mr Big Nose who is their publisher.

  • The 65-Storey Treehouse:

    Andy and Terry went time traveling with safety inspector-Inspector Bubblewrap and they visited exciting and amazing times. My favorite time was when they had the chariot race in ancient Rome. They were scared because there was a very scary chariot racer called Drusilla. Drusilla was a chariot racer who took down all the other chariots except Andy’s and Terry’s time machine so everyone crowded into Andy’s and Terry’s time machine. The other cool bit was where their ants formed the shape of Terry and started attacking Andy. Then Andy got into fight with the fake Terry and the real Terry. While Andy and the real Terry were fighting the phone rang and Andy and Terry knew who it was. It was their publisher called Mr Big Nose threatening to strangle them if they didn’t have their book on his desk by twelve o’clock that day.

  • The 78-Storey Treehouse: 

    Andy and Terry were making a movie when Andy messed up so he got replaced with a gibbon named Mel Gibbon. Andy keeps accidentally disrupting the set and Terry stops being best friends with Andy and becomes best friends with Mel Gibbon. Since Terry is not his best friend anymore Andy gets unhappy and mad at Terry. Since they are both mad at each other they have an intergalactic space battle that Mr Big Shot films. At the end of the battle Andy and Terry decide to be best friends again. Then Andy, Terry and Jill all became big movie stars but something happened that only Andy had known. Some spy cows had stolen their movie so they could be big movie stars instead of Andy, Terry and Jill.

  • The 91-Storey Treehouse:

    Andy and Terry have to look after Mr Big nose’s grandchildren which they find out is a difficult job. The reason why it is difficult is because the grandchildren keep running off everywhere. They also have to write their book, illustrate it and play with the kids at the same time. Then they realize the kids are huge helps when their not running around everywhere so they get the kids to help them with their book. An exciting, thrilling book that’s awesome and one of my favorite books.

Captain Underpants Book One – The Adventures Of Captain Underpants

George Beard and Harold Hutchins played pranks at their school and their principal named Mr Krupp hated the pranks. He could never prove that they played the pranks until one day when he caught them red-handed on videotape. He made a list of rules they had to follow plus chores they had to do for him. But then George came up with a plan to buy a 3D hypno ring so Mr Krupp could forget this ever happened. When the hypno ring arrived George and Harold were thrilled and used it on Mr Krupp immediately after they got to school. Using the ring they decided to make Mr Krupp think he’s Captain Underpants (a superhero from one of their comics).

My favorite bit was where they had to fight a guy called Dr Diaper and his evil robot henchmen. But then George had a great idea to shoot the rubber dog poo they had using a slingshot. The reason why George thought of this idea is because he thought if he had good aim he could shoot it right under Dr Diaper and make Dr Diaper think he had done a poo so Dr Diaper would go and get changed and they could stop Dr Diaper’s evil plan of taking over the world. George shot the fake poo and he had a perfect aim so he got it right under Dr Diaper.  Dr Diaper was dreadfully embarrassed so he went to change right away. Then they fought the robots and they won the fight after a brutal battle. They went into the warehouse, stopped Dr Diaper’s evil plan of taking over the world and quickly untied Captain Underpants. Then they took Dr Diaper to jail, turned Captain Underpants back into Mr Krupp and went back to school.

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