About Groovy Traveler

Groovytraveler is a family owned  luxury travel blog site.  We are a family who love to travel the world, see great sights and eat good food.   We do this for fun and in our vacation time.  Some of us have day jobs, hence the anonymity.

This site is designed to to share our experiences with you, so that it may inspire you to travel and  choose the best places to stay and eat.    We tend to like the good things in life, so the focus is more on luxury travel, but we don’t like wasting our hard earned money so we still try and find the most value for money when we make our travel and food choices.

Most of the family lives in Aotearoa New Zealand or in Australia – so our journey usually starts down under, and a lot of the content on this site will focus on what you can do, see and eat whilst visiting this part of the world.  Other content will describe journeys starting from here.  We hope you find our experiences useful.

The main contributors for the site are GroovyT (a professional male, husband and father of 2 young boys), GroovyOldies (retired couple), GroovyXennial (a single xennial aged female), GroovyBoy (Aged 7 as of Jan 2018), and GroovyKid (Aged 5 as of Jan 2018).

Disclosure:  We have a few affiliate marketing links through the site which we hope will help fund more travel, and therefore provide the muse for more content.