A few reasons why a 7 year old boy loved Hawaii

Great Beaches

There were heaps of fish, some turtles and lots more interesting creatures swimming at the beach. Me and my dad did lots of things in the water including swimming and snorkeling. We particularly liked the snorkeling because we saw heaps of Interesting sea creatures.

Great Pools

The pools were amazingly decorated, not too deep and packed with hours of fun. I loved the pool because I like to swim but also because they were not any normal pool.  I had hours of fun.

Kid-friendly resorts

The resorts we stayed at were very kid-friendly resorts indeed, especially the Maui one. The reason why is because the Maui one had an Easter egg hunt since our stay was around Easter. The resorts were comfy at Maui and Ko Olina so we had a great stay at both.

Everything was close/nearby

Everything was close so only had to walk for two minutes instead of walking for an hour to get any food or to get to a restaurant. My favorite restaurant was a pancake one with a lot of odd pancake topping options that we had never tried before.

It never rained in Maui or Ko Olina

Well technically it did but only late in the night when we were all fast asleep. It was always sunny in the morning so we got to play at the beach, play in the pool and have some fun. The weather was pretty much great and awesome all the time.

We had such a long stay in Hawaii

We had such a long stay in Hawaii that we got to do lots of really exciting things. The exciting things are things like playing at the beach, playing at the pool and seeing lots of sea creatures. Overall we had a great stay in Hawaii and we all loved it.

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  1. The content on the post was all written by GroovyBoy (currently 7 years of age). I have added the photo and helped with formatting only – otherwise all his own work.

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